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GSMA Thrive North America featuring
CTIA 5G Summit

27 October – 29 October 2020

Join North America’s leaders for three days of online discussion as they meet to navigate the opportunities and the challenges of new technologies like 5G, IoT and AI.

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  • Conference sessions from GSMA, CTIA and industry partners, 
  • Video Shorts and Video-on-Demand
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Roundtables
  • Virtual Exhibition

GSMA Thrive North America featuring: 

With the first nationwide 5G networks going live across the country, the first transformative applications are coming into focus. The 2020 CTIA 5G Summit features the leaders from business and government who are shaping the future of wireless and making 5G a reality.

Data and Disruption in the 5G era

The adaptation of next generation technologies is set to change the digital landscape for North America, how will we adapt to a connected ecosystem? With faster, more connected devices, comes more data. Join us as we explore the potential of data in the realms of 5G, AI, IoT and in the future of disruptive innovation.

Join us as we discuss the evolving needs of connectivity, the varied use cases, secure networks, standards and how ready are consumers for 5G? Read More
As IoT moves through the hype cycle to an uncontested reality, we put the question to the experts: what is next for IoT and how can it be scaled profitably? Read More
Join the innovators as they discuss AI’s potential to elevate the telecommunications world and discover what the true potential of AI is. Read More
With new business models centered around connectivity join us as leaders discuss what we can expect form this new wave to discover the net impact on our society. Read More

The Mobile Economy North America 2020
5G is poised to enable a new era of connectivity, bringing new services and increased efficiency across industries. By 2025, North America will have become the first region where 5G accounts for more than 50% of total connections.

Download the latest Mobile Economy report for essential insights into the state of the mobile industry in the region.

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