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GSMA Thrive North America featuring
CTIA 5G Summit

27 October – 29 October 2020

Join North America’s leaders for three days of online discussion as they meet to navigate the opportunities and the challenges of new technologies like 5G, IoT and AI.

Data and Disruption in the 5G era

The adaptation of next generation technologies is set to change the digital landscape for North America, how will we adapt to a connected ecosystem? With faster, more connected devices, comes more data. Join us as we explore the potential of data in the realms of 5G, AI, IoT and in the future of disruptive innovation.

2019 saw the first significant rollout of 5G networks across the United States and the globe, but as with all prior generations, 5G networks are constantly changing and in need of expansion, maintenance, upgrades and flexibility. The varied use cases for 5G apply further pressure to build nimble networks that are secure, and able to function for different requirements across a variety of sectors. The 5G device ecosystem, increasingly a focus for the success in 5G consumer adoption, is also now beginning to take front stage, with handsets coming to the market. Are consumers ready for 5G and do they understand the benefits? What’s next for connectivity standards?
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The Internet of Things is a difficult term to define and pin down, with countless applications and use cases, from the largest aircraft and factories, to the smallest underground sensors. Beyond the proven business case for a connected ‘everything’, the potential it unleashes is limitless. More data from connected devices will lead to better decision making, increased efficiency will allow greater output, and connected devices will minimize downtime and maintenance costs. As IoT moves through the hype cycle to an uncontested reality, we put the question to the experts: what’s next for IoT and how can it be scaled profitably?
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AI has untapped potential to be a key technology in just about every scenario and industry around the world. Just as with every transformational technology, there is great hype and expectation about its applications, but also some concern. The AI theme will focus on the potential to elevate individuals and workers, automate processes to unleash creativity, and its application in the core of the telecommunications world: the network. From core data analysis to network integration, product design to customer care, and everything in between, what is the true potential of AI?
Connectivity is at the heart of innovation. New business models, technologies and ideas are changing the ways we live and interact, bringing everyone closer together and making lives better for communities across the region. From how we commute, to how people take care of themselves, innovation in tandem with connectivity is pervasive. Sessions will focus on the “what next”, bringing to the fore the experts that are creating the innovations that we will all rely on in the future. What can we expect to see this next wave of technology? What will be the net impact on society, the environment and our planet?

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