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GSMA Thrive Eurasia

11 November – 12 November 2020

Join Eurasia’s brightest thinkers as they explore the region’s most pressing challenges across FinTech, Value Creation, 5G and Digital Resilience.

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of mobile network for everyone. Watch our video to learn how GSMA Thrive can help unleash the power of connectivity, to propel digital advancement for a better future.


Join the region’s leaders, innovators and change makers for three days of online discussion. We’ll be navigating the opportunities that arise from Eurasia’s rapid digital transformation and unpick the challenges that governments, businesses and society face over the coming years.

in a Digital World
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the Future
With the total number of 5G connections in Russia is set to reach 48 million by 2025, the reality of creating a data-driven economy across Eurasia has put the spotlight… Read More
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