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GSMA Thrive
Asia Pacific

3 November – 5 November 2020

Join the region’s leaders, innovators and change makers for three days of online discussion. We’ll be uncovering how the adoption of new technologies is transforming APAC and beyond to drive a new digital nation.

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of mobile network for everyone. Watch our video to learn how GSMA Thrive can help unleash the power of connectivity, to propel digital advancement for a better future.

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Empowering a New Digital Nation

We believe in driving change together.
Data and data driven decision-making has been essential in fighting the virus, maintaining the economy and to build our future. Contact tracing apps have put the spotlight on the data… Read More
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of Things
More data from connected devices will optimise decision making, increased efficiency will allow greater output, and connected devices will minimize downtime and maintenance costs. This theme will examine the business… Read More
New business models, technologies and ideas are changing the ways we live and interact, bringing everyone closer together and making lives better for communities across the region. Sessions will focus… Read More
for Connectivity
During times of uncertainty, technology has brought people, markets, and industries together. Whilst digital, underpinned by mobile technology, continues to transform parts of our everyday life, few have worked out… Read More

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