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GSMA Thrive
Asia Pacific

3 November – 5 November 2020
We believe in driving change together.

When the decision makers of APAC connect, we can accelerate opportunities. In a time where technologies are transforming society, we come together to empower a new digital nation. We proudly introduce Thrive APAC, bringing the leaders of our industry together to define strategies and accelerate innovation at the region’s biggest technology experience. 

Empowering a New Digital Nation

Join the region’s leaders, innovators and change makers for three days on online discussion. We’ll be uncovering how the adoption of new technologies is transforming APAC and beyond to drive a new digital nation.

Resilience: Protecting the Foundations of a Digital Society
While the upsides of a digitally-based society and economy are great, it also carries a shadow – of security breaches, data theft and more. Security in the internet era has often been an afterthought, but in a digital society risk mitigation is essential - not just to prevent harm, but to minimise its impact and to recover quickly. Nowhere is this more.
Companies for a Digital Era
The pressures of 2020 have accelerated the adoption of new technologies within companies of all kinds. However, as pressures to digitalise have grown, these pressures have emphasised existing challenges with access to the right skills; corporate agility & mindset; making operational changes to fully benefit from the use of new technology; working patterns and engagement; purchasing and sourcing; and more. Join business leaders as they discuss their digitalisation journeys, pain points and what this means for relationships with suppliers, governments, staff and partners.
ASEAN Digital Economy
Economies around ASEAN, and the companies that support them, have stumbled under the weight of Covid response. This has increased demand for efficiency in delivering services all the way from small businesses to government, which digitisation can support. As we aim to repair industries and the wider economy we have a unique opportunity to correct any weaknesses and build stronger fundamentals for the long term. Join leaders and pioneers in this session helping to remake the ASEAN digital economy.
& Delivery in the New Normal
With online sales booming in H1 2020, backed by widespread delivery services, we take a look at the future of the retail industry in APAC. To what extent have emergency pandemic responses become a new default option for retailers and consumers? What are the implications for a converging advertising and retail environment, and how can retailers cut through to new audiences? People may have seen roles as delivery drivers as a useful hedge against unemployment, but what is the longer-term future for distribution networks and how does it impact on retailers’ profitability?
Movements: Smart Logistics & Supply Chains
The supply chains of the 1990s have reached a hugely efficient position; but manufacturers today need more flexibility from suppliers and partners in response to an unpredictable environment, which has radical implications for the logistics industry. Supply chains are starting to give way to ‘supply webs’, and along with them new forms of contract and payment management that reach across national and regional boundaries. This session examines emerging technologies and business paradigms that will reshape the movement of materials and money in the coming decades.
Resilience: Cybersecurity and Cyber-policing
As more activities move online, crime has followed; from individual scammers to state-sponsored cyberattacks. This is partly because the online environment is relatively new to us – much like the Wild West, it takes time for norms, laws and enforcement to follow the pioneers. Add in the power of anonymity and the cross-border nature of the online world and it becomes a hard place to police. However, there are green shoots; join us in this session as we learn how new approaches to security and policing can help make the online environment safer.

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