Our Story

Our mission is to unlock the power of connectivity so that people, industry and society thrive. 

In the next 5 years, 46% of connections on the continent will be on 5G networks – the equivalent to 200 million 5G connections (GSMA Intelligence). The US is the largest market for mobile worldwide – as industry leaders, we have a significant responsibility to steer the connected world towards a better, more sustainable future.

GSMA creates the largest mobile technology events in the world – in Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Shanghai – and now online for North America.

Thrive North America brings together our industry’s leaders for deep discussion, unearthing the insights that will transform the new wave of disruptive innovation, it will host forums to create policy, networking to forge partnerships and a cutting edge exhibition to inform your business strategy.

As the world experiences radical transformation through new technologies, North America leads the way in discovering the true potential of a connected ecosystem, the world watches to see “what’s next” in the most connected continent on the planet. 

Welcome to Thrive North America.

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