Leadership for Connectivity

We discuss the digital leaders with the power to shape the future of connectivity across the entire continent.


 Leadership in Connectivity

     Tuesday 1st December     

11:15 – 12:15 (CDMX)


5G is re-designing the world we live in today. With over 100 live and commercial networks worldwide, growth is happening much faster than initial industry expectations and Latin America is taking the first step to jump into this new era. Markets are becoming united by the expectation of 5G and as new ecosystems develop and scale; partnerships will be key to its success. Collaboration between governments, operators and service providers is key to create an unprecedented array of innovative new services that will drive the Digital Transformation across various industries such as banking, energy, automotive and entertainment. The impact on productivity and GDP is set to be huge but few have worked out how to unlock the long-term value that lies at the intersection of humans and intelligent connectivity. We are just at the beginning of this exciting technology cycle, we are ready to discuss which are the right actions to make Latin America be a relevant part of it?


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