Digital Economy

Digital transformation is changing the prevailing business climate, establishing many opportunities for improving efficiency and growth

We are seeing many companies who are developing innovative business models in keeping with this rapid digitilisation.  This theme will focus on our digital citizens and the practical steps taken in order to steer their country towards digital excellence through discussing strategies and decisions that are most urgently required to shape Eurasia’s digital future.


“We are delighted to participate in this year’s GSMA Thrive Eurasia event, a valuable platform that facilitates the level of cross-industry collaboration we need to drive the future trajectory of digital transformation.

As we collectively face the challenges arising from the global pandemic, being able to share essential knowledge and insight with key players in financial services, fintech and from across the value chain is more important than ever. This is particularly acute when we consider the huge opportunity that mobile money represents, not only in terms of opening up new markets but to successfully address the critical issue of financial inclusion. At GSMA Thrive Eurasia, we will be exploring how the diversification of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) into the payments and financial services space, through strategic collaborations, has the has the potential to act as a powerful agent for social good, delivering life-changing benefits to millions world-wide.”

Otto Williams, Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fintech & Ventures at Visa in CEMEA.    


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