Leadership for Connectivity

This theme brings together ministers, policy makers and digital leaders to lead us into a connected future.

During times of uncertainty, technology has brought people, markets, and industries together. Whilst digital, underpinned by mobile technology, continues to transform parts of our everyday life, few have worked out how to unlock the long-term value that lies at the intersection of humans and machines. Changing consumer demands is driving a new wave of innovation across Asia Pacific. We are just at the beginning of this exciting technology cycle, building on the foundation connectivity has laid. The key question now is – what comes next?


For decades, Qualcomm has helped enable the entire mobile ecosystem and powered many of your smartphone’s capabilities. We were instrumental in driving the development and launch of 3G and 4G. Now, pushing the boundaries with 5G with significantly greater impact than previous generations. 5G serves as the foundational technology that makes it possible for everything to communicate seamlessly, across connected cars and industrial IoT, smart homes, smart cities and mobility. The opportunities for 5G are boundless. It will be a platform for innovation in ways we cannot yet imagine.

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