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Join us as we discuss the evolving needs of connectivity regulation, from traditional policy around infrastructure, satellite and spectrum, to new digital policy developing across business verticals of banking, transport, education, health and more.

The recent global health pandemic raised many questions for both industry and society. Whilst the long-term impact still needs to be understood one fact is unequivocal; mobile connectivity is central to our recovery.

According to GSMA Intelligence, only 28% of Africa’s 1.3 billion citizens subscribe to the mobile internet, compared to the global average of 48%. Connectivity within this landscape is not simply just about coverage and speed, but also usage and inclusion. With that in mind, is it time to set new ambitions for creating a digitally connected and inclusive future for all?

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“More than half the total African population live with limited or no access to broadband internet.

When the world connects, opportunities for progress emerge. Internet access is a proven tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries.

At Intelsat, empowering potential is our goal. That’s why we enable reliable, economical, high-performance connectivity for rural and remote areas populations across the globe.”


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