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Join policy makers, CEOs and inventors as we explore the challenges and opportunities ahead and drive Africa’s digital revolution.

Leadership for Connectivity

This theme brings together the ministers, regulators and digital leaders with the power to drive policy. Only 28% of Africa’s 1.3 billion citizens subscribe to the mobile internet, compared to the global average of 48% (GSMA Intelligence). In these sessions we discuss the evolving needs of connectivity regulation, from traditional policy around infrastructure, satellite and spectrum, to new digital policy developing across business verticals of banking, transport, education, health and more.

Generation Digital Citizen

 In this theme we look at the obstacles to achieving universal access to technology; coverage, affordability and digital literacy.In 12 African countries women hold close to one-third of parliamentary seats, we explore how this degree of success in diversity can be replicated and even surpassed across the STEM sectors. We deep dive into how the digital world is changing; we look at how creative outlets are changing, how digital is adapting content, and how content consumption is evolving.

Health of the Internet

We all have a responsibility to ensure the internet is healthy. In this theme we advocate for data rights to be a human right. How can we build trust, privacy and security into the DNA of every digital product and device? We will look at empowering users with digital awareness as we combat the dark side of digital and celebrate our industry’s triumphs in harnessing data for good. The health status of our online world is a duty for every digital leader.

Accelerate Africa

Ecosystem acceleration is key to strengthening the entrepreneurship in Africa and holds the answer to mass youth job creation. Under this theme we tap into the breadth of innovation and partnerships within corporates, brands, investors, tech hubs and the startup community. As we go into the 2020s we will see many startups go into ‘growth phase’. We need to ask ourselves the question – what do we need to do to build an ecosystem where startups thrive?

One People, One Purpose

Mobile technology is a key tool to protect our planet and empower people across the globe. We are on our path to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This theme explores how both public and private sectors collaborate with mobile to serve climate action and life services such as government services, healthcare, agritech, financial inclusion and humanitarian initiatives.

Building Wakanda

The technology of sci-fi films is here today. In this theme we look at the future tech tools which are reshaping our digital transformation. How will AI, Mixed Reality, Drones, Robotics, 3D printing change our world? As we explore unchartered territory we will evaluate the policy building blocks we need to achieve and accelerate the sci-fi tech future we envision into reality.

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