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GSMA Thrive Africa

Tuesday 29 September – Thursday 1 October

GSMA Thrive Africa is a virtual event platform brought to you by the people behind MWC and Mobile 360. Bringing Africa’s leaders together for a virtual event to create the continent’s most connected and influential technology experience.

Powered in Kigali, Rwanda.

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of mobile network for everyone. Watch our video to learn how GSMA Thrive can help unleash the power of connectivity, to propel digital advancement for a better future.


We believe connecting is always the answer.

When everyone and everything is intelligently connected, we can power a better future, together. In a time of crises, our community builds bridges not dams.

So we proudly introduce Thrive Africa, bringing our industries leaders together; from Policy Makers and CEOs to inventors online, to create the continent’s most connected and influential technology experience.

for Connectivity
The recent global health pandemic raised many questions for both industry and society. Whilst the long-term impact still needs to be understood one fact is unequivocal; mobile connectivity is central… Read More
Digital Citizen
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of the Internet
We all have a responsibility to ensure the internet is healthy. Through this theme we advocate for data rights to be a human right. How can we build trust, privacy… Read More
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African startups raised $2.02 billion in funding in 2019, a 74% YOY growth (Partech). Ecosystem acceleration… Read More
People, One Purpose
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To impact millions of people that are locked out of mainstream economies in Africa, a collective approach that harnesses the power of partnerships is key. Mastercard is honored to be a headline sponsor of GSMA Thrive, which provides a platform for tech visionaries to showcase, share and explore the kind of innovations that will spearhead inclusive growth across the continent for generations to come.
As a pan African company with roots that are deeply anchored in the continent, we are vested in the continent’s development. We believe that GSMA Thrive plays an important part in accelerating digitalization to enable Africa’s growth and socio-economic development."
MTN Group
We believe that GSMA Thrive Africa will provide a broader and ultimate interactive platform for the partners who aim at building a digital Africa with the urge to take the opportunity and rebound the economic resilience of Africa. ZTE is proud to collaborate with GSMA and looks forward to sharing our experience to enhance the mobile connectivity and accelerate the digital economy development in Africa.
Zhao Peng, Senior Vice President, ZTE Corporation

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